Based in Austin, Texas, Lettuce is actively building a new food production and distribution network based on the idea that cooking and growing healthy food should be easy, affordable, fun and best accomplished together. We are actively turning yards into farms and kitchens into hubs for the exploration of taste, health and agricultural diversity.


We believe food is our greatest connection to the planet and each other. Doing it well is our priority. We connect with the region's best farmers and ranchers, sourcing exquisite meats, cheeses, nuts, grains and vegetable proteins to include with our recipes. For what we can't find fresh or to our standards, we strive to grow right here in Central Texas. Fresh herbs, greens, heirloom vegetables... you name it. Our farms are our living laboratories for what the future of urban farming can become. 

We don't stop there. Our meal kits' packaging is based on the principles of the circular economy, the vision that all of our products can be designed to be re-used, upcycled or repurposed. For us, that means each kit goes to your home and back to ours, reducing food and packaging waste by more than 75%. You can even send your compostables back with us and we will turn it into rich soil for our communities' farms. 


We invite you to join our collective growth of healthy food, communities, and families. We hope one of our meal kits or gardens will be a stepping stone for you to create a more healthy, interesting, and sustainable future.