Lettuce is creating a sustainable, hyper-local ecosystem that grows and distributes food that's healthier, tastier, fresher, and costs less.

One yard at a time.


What we see in the world . . .


The vast majority of food consumed today has poor nutritional quality, harmful substances, and high ecological impact.

Great resources -

Meanwhile, urban areas have the infrastructure needed to grow food - land (those yards!), water, labor and consumers.

Growing food
is hard

Farming requires expertise, time, money and labor. Result: It's uncommon in urban areas.

to eat local

Eating what's grown locally has been an innate part of the human evolution that is making a come back.

We are
what we eat

What we eat has a direct impact on our health, productivity, ecology, the healthcare system and the economy.

Lettuce was started in response to these observations. We saw the opportunity to create an alternative food production and distribution system that addresses them.


Lettuce lives and grows by these principles . . .


It is built into everything we do, how we do it and why. From where we source materials to what we plant and everything in between.


The one area where human progress has resulted in poorer quality, is one of the most important of them all - food. We exist to correct that.


We respect nature and strive to improve our understanding of it and the evolution it has gone through over millions of years.


We use science to learn about the complex processes of nature and seek to harness the collective efforts of the scientific community.


We develop and deploy leading-edge technologies that improve quality, yields, the customer experience, and reduce our prices.


Our goal is to make high quality food more affordable for everyone. We look to partner with various organizations to make this happen.


We strive to stimulate social connections within and across communities through the growing and sharing of food.

Paradigm shifts

The Lettuce model is a shift in the way food is grown and distributed:


Monoculture-based Farms

Chemical fertilizers + Pesticides

Mass harvests @ suboptimal times

Spray preservatives / wax

Cardboard boxes

Cold storage

Transported long distances to stores

On refrigerated displays

Sprayed for freshness

Picked into a bag

Driven home

Food on Table


Balanced organic Farms

Organic fertilizer

Selective harvests @ optimal times

No spraying / waxing

No wasteful boxing

Minimal storage

Transported short distances

No display required

Fresh already!

No bagging required

Delivered (80% less greenhouse emissions)

Food on Table

What inspires us

We are inspired everyday by things we read, watch, listen or experience. Here are a few that go deep in our hearts and minds:

UN report

The local food movement.

Michael Pollan

The organic food scam.


Impact of deliveries.

The sharing economy companies

The organic food scam.

The organic food scam.

Approaches to growing food & beyond

Here are some perspectives on our approaches to farming, operations, member service and more:


We are constantly evolving partnerships that make food production and distribution more sustainable. We look forward to your ideas of how we could work together:


Lettuce partners with cities to bring jobs and the benefits of urban farming to its citizens, by reinvigorating community gardens, and establishing networks in neighborhoods that need it the most.

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Vegetable gardens are a terrific way for schools to teach kids about nature and how food grows. We work with schools to put Lettuce Farms in their yards and maintain them - for free! In fact, we give a share of our revenue back to the school/PTA.

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Neighborhood Associations

Lettuce partners with neighborhood associations for building Lettuce Networks within and around their neighborhoods.

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Landscapers & Gardeners

In certain areas, Lettuce partners with established contractors, landscapers and gardeners for the deployment of Farms with consistently high standards. We’d love to hear of your expertise in these areas.

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Technology Providers

Tremendous progress is being made in agtech and we actively investigate and integrate the latest into our Farms and operations. If you have something new that we should check out, please reach out!



We look to partner with universities doing research in agriculture, agtech, food and nutrition. We also offer exciting internships to students in these areas.


Organic Farmers

We partner with organic farmers who grow food in or around urban areas to supply produce that’s experiencing high demand and short supply in our network.

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Our most important partnerships are with our members and our GreenThumbs:

Lettuce Network Members

Being a member of the Lettuce Network means a lot more than a typical provider-customer relationship. It means we are in this thing together - learning, adapting, evolving - to improve our quality, yields and processes.

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GreenThumbs are the lifeblood of the Lettuce Network - working at the ground level, literally, to serve our members, and be the source of the steady stream of feedback that makes what we do better.

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Lettuce’s team is comprised of farmers, technologists, scientists, chefs, designers and operational experts. Though we were founded in and are headquartered in beautiful Austin, Texas, Lettuce has a decentralized management structure and processes that enables it to sprout and grow networks in any part of the US.