Urban Homesteader


Urban Homesteads

Utilize an unused asset - your yard, have a rewarding experience, and earn money at the same time.

Explore how much you can earn by joining Lettuce GrowShare:

Follow Your Passion
Have a green thumb and some land, and have wondered about growing food for your community but didn’t know where to start? Lettuce support you at every step of a rewarding journey as an Urban Homesteader.
Join the Movement
Be a part of a community that's transforming urban landscapes, improving food access, improving nutritional quality, increasing affordability, and collectively reducing the carbon footprint of our food chains.

Earn Money
Turn your yard from costing you money on landscaping, into bringing you guaranteed supplemental income - as long as you follow our crop plans, maintain high quality and follow all other protocols.

Farming of any type, at any scale, is hard.

Urban Farming is no different. Getting started is difficult and confusing, effective crop planning takes years of experience, and keeping up with the multitude of factors that affect your crops can be overwhelming. And after all that – making a profit from what you grow can be the biggest challenge . . .

Lettuce GrowShare is dedicated to making the hardest parts a lot easier, while you do what you always wanted to do – grow food!

How It Works


Getting Started

Lettuce’s streamlined, interactive process will have you growing food quickly and efficiently.


Create an account, and fill out the online form to become an Urban Homesteader.

Farm Qualification Process

A member of the Lettuce GrowShare team will visit your existing or potential farm site to assess the land’s viability to be a Lettuce GrowShare Urban Homestead. If the land and your situation is viable, then we will take soil samples to send for testing and research the land’s history.

Set up

After we receive the results of the soil tests, and they meet our standards, Lettuce will provide the help you need to get your farm started – including a planting plan, expert advice for taking care of your plants and pointers concerning the materials and tools you should purchase. All this will lead to getting you beginning growing based on the Lettuce GrowShare Standards. Continue reading below to see the approximate costs of getting started. 

If the soil test comes back as less than desirable, there are certain steps that can be taken to clean and prepare your land for production.


Upon completion of the setup and/or clean up, you will be accepted into the network and you will begin growing food with all of Lettuce’s planning and information resources at your disposal.


Start Growing

Once you are a part of the Lettuce GrowShare program, Lettuce makes it easy to plan your farm, crops, and harvest with timely targeted information and support.

Crop plans
Grow according to the customized Crop Plan that Lettuce provides to you via your online account. These Crop Plans are based on:

  • Location of the farm
  • Soil type
  • Size of the farm
  • Our requirements
  • Earning potential
  • Your experience

The Lettuce Crop plan enables you to know what to grow, when, and how. Follow the Lettuce Growing Standards to maintain production of clean, quality produce and your production rating.

Ongoing Costs

There are certain ongoing costs to factor into growing produce:

Water: The amount of water used on your farm varies each season and from farm to farm, but typically costs approx. $2-4 per 100 sq ft of growing area per month.  

Starts + Seeds: each season you will need seeds and starts (baby plants) to establish your crops for eventual harvest. Starts can cost anywhere from $.75-$2.5 per start, or can be grown by you! Seeds typically cost $1-3 per packet. These can be bought from Lettuce or any other source.

Fertilizer: Fertilizer is key to producing nutrient dense vegetables. 1 lb of fertilizer typically covers 33 sq ft of growing area and costs $1.50 per pound.

Seasonal Implements: Trellises, jutes, stakes, and other equipment to aid in the growth of your crops. Once purchased, these implements can be utilized season after season, and many are made from reclaimed, chemical free materials.

Ongoing Support

Online support: Includes specific crop growing protocol, ongoing maintenance, and seasonal turnover for continuous, reliable production

Physical support: A Lettuce urban farmer can lend a hand or an extra pair of eyes to help you improve your production and efficiency

Community support: We’ll provide you ongoing training classes at Lettuce HQ or on-site at farms, update you on weather conditions and how to prepare accordingly. Continuously refine your growing skills and become a master producer.


Harvest & Get Paid

Lettuce makes getting paid for your produce easy.


Follow harvest schedules that are part of your Crop Plan.

Submit crops to the Produce Receiver at a Lettuce facility for washing, weighing and packaging.

Email Receipt

Receive an email detailing your harvest totals, and total payout.


Payouts are sent online within 7 days.

Great for Families with Young Kids

Growing food, for your own family, or for the city is an amazing activity that engages the neighborhood, make a meaningful contribution to the family’s income and teaches kids many skills with just one real world ‘activity’:

  • How food is grown
  • Environment and ecology
  • Nutrition
  • Science, technology, engineering and mathematics
  • Business and entrepreneurship
  • Perseverance and problem solving
  • Responsibility, authority and following instructions
  • Self-reliance

And, they’ll develop knowledge that’ll stays with them for a lifetime.  

Starting Costs Starting Costs

Have an existing farm? Excellent! You’re well on your way to producing local veggies for your community!

If you need to establish your farm, use the Farm Setup Calculator below to estimate your start up costs .

Need help establishing your farm? Lettuce’s team of farm installers can help! Learn more

There are two common ways to grow food outdoors: In-ground (if the native soil is well suited), or Raised Beds.

In-Ground Self Setup Costs

In-ground beds are plots established into the existing soil. If soil conditions on your land are ideal, establishing a farm into the existing land can be quick and cost effective. With a few amendments like compost and manure almost any soil can become a healthy, productive farm.

Raised Bed Self Setup Costs

Raised beds are ideal for land with less than ideal, rocky soil and can also help with organizing  your crops and managing your time. Although slightly less cost effective, raised beds are constructed and filled with a new soil mixture, eliminating weed or and containment interference.

Let's Get Started . . .

. . . on a rewarding journey to take back our food system

Where the land is located

Paradigm Shift

When you participate in Lettuce GrowShare, you become a part of a paradigm shift in the how, when and where of how food gets to tables. 

Mainstream paradigm

Monoculture-based farms

Chemical fertilizers + pesticides

Mass harvests @ suboptimal times

Spray preservatives / wax

Cardboard boxes

Cold storage

Transported long distances to stores

In refrigerated displays

Sprayed for freshness

Picked into a bag

Driven home

Ready to cook

Lettuce paradigm

Sustainable organic Farms

Organic fertilizer

Selective harvests @ optimal times

No spraying / waxing

No wasteful boxing

Minimal storage

Transported short distances

No display required

Fresh already!

No bagging required

Delivered efficiently

Ready to cook

How will you Farm with Lettuce GrowShare?

GrowShare 2 square

Urban Homesteader

Got some land with good dirt, sun and water access? Some time and interest / experience growing food too? Become a Lettuce GrowShare Urban Homesteader - participate in a movement, while earning money from your land.
Hands & Land
GrowShare 3 square

Urban Farmer

Got a greenthumb, or maybe two full green hands . . . but no land to grow on? Be a Lettuce GrowShare Urban Farmer - you’ll be matched with land in your neighborhood you can grow on, support to get started and a regular income.

Urban Farm Host

Got land with good dirt, sun and water access, but no time or ability to grow food on it? Become an Urban Farm Host - we’ll match you with an Urban Farmer - you’ll save maintenance costs, while earning some money as well.