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The foundation for a mainstream, scalable, technology-enabled, local food economy.

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Urban Homesteader

Got some land with good dirt, sun and water access? Some time and interest / experience growing food too? Become a Lettuce GrowShare Urban Homesteader - participate in a movement, while earning money from your land.
Hands & Land
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Urban Farmer

Got a greenthumb, or maybe two full green hands . . . but no land to grow on? Be a Lettuce GrowShare Urban Farmer - you’ll be matched with land in your neighborhood you can grow on, support to get started and a regular income.

Urban Farm Host

Got land with good dirt, sun and water access, but no time or ability to grow food on it? Become an Urban Farm Host - we’ll match you with an Urban Farmer - you’ll save maintenance costs, while earning some money as well.

The Food System Today

Meanwhile . . . there are plenty of natural resources in typical urban areas to provide healthy, sustainable and affordable food for all.

Turning Cities into Foodhoods . . .

Taking local food from a niche to a mainstream way cities feed themselves, while educating citizens about food, supporting the local economy, creating jobs and rejuvenating urban ecology.


When food is grown locally at scale, it liberates us from the pesticide laden, genetically modified food that’s become our mainstream food supply. 


Know exactly where your food came from and what went into it. Leave all the worries of Big Agriculture’s damage behind as you watch food grow in your neighborhood and city in nutrient dense soil, with clean water, and no toxic chemicals.


As food grows, so does the life around it. From bugs, to birds, to healthier people. Leaving behind a growing and thriving ecosystem for future generations.


As work days become longer and commitments seem to pile up, having food gardens and farms all around us  have a meaningful impact on the quality of urban life. 


From weather patterns, to bug and plant life cycles, to soil science, and nutrition. Growing a farm in your front yard opens the door to experience and learn about the interconnectedness of the natural world. 


Fresh, local, living veggies paired with an active, outdoor lifestyle promotes health, wellness and vitality for all who participate.

Future Generations

The citizens of tomorrow can grow with a solid foundation in responsibility, creativity, and experimentation found in growing your own food, shaping them into the people they will become for a better future.


As our environment and climate continue to change it is our responsibility to adapt our habits and become a part of the shift that must take place to turn the tide of what we are seeing unfold before our eyes.


Connect to the people and the community around you by participating in a network of production, commerce, and enrichment.


Strengthen local communities by contributing to the growth of local jobs, thriving markets, and regional trade.


At Lettuce we are innovating in all areas of the local food chain. Join us in our efforts towards the progressive development of a vibrant and cutting edge food system. 

Let's get started on this journey ...