Grow Local

Food Gardens

Yard to Table
Turn that trip to the store into a short walk onto the yard.

A fully functional organic raised vegetable bed with automatic irrigation, and optional maintenance plans.

Hand crafted, compact, elegant and productive.

Experience a positive transformation


Anatomy of a Lettuce Food Garden

Beautiful, educational, edible 

High quality materials

Untreated pine

Button drip irrigation

Buried irrigation main line

Automatic irrigation timer

Custom organic soil blend

Organic, non-GMO starts and seeds

Fast and hassle free process

Schedule a time for a site visit with a Lettuce urban farmer. There is no obligation to go through with the installation. 

The installation process can typically take 1 to 4 days depending on the size, season, and location of the garden. You don’t need to be present during our visits:
Step 1: Clearing and cleaning rocks, trash, grass.
Step 2: Construction, leveling, and digging of wooden frame and irrigation setup.
Step 3: Fill with Lettuce custom soil, lay button irrigation, let rest for one week.
Step 4: Return a week later and plant first veggie set!

Schedule your Food Garden site visit

The Food Garden site visit is FREE. 

Upon scheduling your site visit, you will receive a confirmation email. 
The site visit will determine the household’s growing area, size and needs.
Lettuce will then send an estimate detailing the project and upon approval will schedule and begin installation. Scroll down to see typical installation prices. 


These are typical prices for our Food Garden installs. 

Actual estimates may vary based on your specific situation. 


40 sq. ft.
$ 495
  • Perfect for a household of 1-3 people.


80 sq. ft.
$ 795
  • Perfect for a household of 2-4 people.


120 sq. ft.
$ 995
  • Perfect for a household of 4-6 people.


    • Untreated pine raised bed retaining walls
    • Custom soil mix
    • Organic fertilizer
    • Water-efficient and automatic drip irrigation
    • Locally sourced plant starts and seeds
    • One-on-one lesson with a Lettuce Farmer upon planting
    • Personalized map of the growing space

All the parts of your installation is under full warranty for up to 3 months. 

We can also make custom raised beds, in-ground beds and/or revamp existing beds. Customization options range from specialty materials, sizing and shape options and thus pricing varies widely. In-ground beds are priced similar to the standard options less the cost of building materials. Revamping of existing beds depends on the existing materials and other factors. Just contact us for more information and to schedule an on-site consultation. We can’t wait to get you growing!

If you decide you don’t want to go through with the Food Garden installation up to 3 days prior to install, we will cancel your order, no questions asked.

Build your own, or get a Lettuce Food Garden?

We applaud people who build their own food gardens and consider them kindred spirits. But it’s not cheap or easy to setup. Here’s how they compare:

DIY (80 sq. ft.)

Lettuce Food Garden (80 sq. ft.)

Wood frame









Compost (2-4 seasons/yrs)



Drip irrigation



Drip irrigation controller



Plant starts



Long hours of labor






Why get a Lettuce Food Garden?

Educate your family

Lettuce is like getting a food laboratory in your yard. With our technology you'll know all about what's growing - where, how, and why, water usage and a lot more. Be an informed farmer without, well, being a farmer.

Fresh food, yards away

Lettuce customers rave about the convenience of being able to walk out and pick some produce anytime. The flavors of freshly picked basil can simply not be matched by the basil you get at the store.

Handcrafted and beautiful

Lettuce Food Gardens not only produce great food, they also look beautiful. They are handcrafted from scratch in your city by local workers from materials sourced as locally as possible.

Quality and sustainability

It’s not just about what’s in the food, but also what’s not. Large scale farming today involves genetic modification, pesticides, wax and chemical fertilizers. Lettuce uses only organic soils, non-GMO seeds, and sustainable practices.

It's a kid magnet

A Lettuce Farm in your yard will excite your kids' imagination and teach them where food comes from and how it grows. Our team loves to interact with kids, telling them what's going on and answering questions.

Be prepared

Modern day food supply systems are fragile. Disruptions can result in long periods of food scarcity. In situations like that, your Lettuce Farm Garden can be a source of food you can rely on.

Agricultural science at work

Growing food is a complex process involving soil quality, irrigation, weather conditions and more. We live (and eat!) this stuff, which means every Lettuce Farm thrives - hard to do for an amateur gardener.

Savings that add up

Over a period of time, the savings from getting your food from your Food Garden instead of buying them at the store will become significant. Setting up a food garden yourself can cost thousand of dollars. Any way you look at it, Lettuce saves you money.


Food brings people together. With a Lettuce Food Garden you are starting or participating in your neighborhood's local food movement meaningfully, and painlessly.

Do your part for the ecology

Produce you buy at the grocery store is often shipped long distances, grown using in ways that are unsustainable for the environment, and requires wasteful refrigeration, packaging and storage. Lettuce changes all that, significantly shrinking your carbon footprint.

Rare varieties

In a Lettuce Food Garden, you can experiment with heirloom and rare varieties of fruit and vegetables usually not available in grocery stores. We are always available to help! So you'll be eating and entertaining with food that is unique and delicious.

Because it's way cool

Growing and eating your own food is an amazing experience. It roots you into the processes of nature that we all are already a part of. It also resurrects a practice that was common just a few decades ago - with a technological twist.

Raves about Lettuce Food Gardens

The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul.

– Alfred Austin