Lettuce Recipes:

Innovation + Familiarity

Each Lettuce recipe is a result of an involved process that brings together chefs, farmers, nutritionists, food artisans, designers . . .

. . . and most importantly, you - our customers.

The 4 Pillars of Every Lettuce Recipe


You are what you eat. Every Lettuce recipe is fine-tuned in collaboration with nutritionists to help you eat well, and feel great.


We believe there's a way to turn a combination of nutritious ingredients into a delicious recipe. Result: Flavor fireworks, night after night.


Local, fresh, organically grown on farms that prioritize regenerative agricultural practices: Not only results in better food for you, but food that's better for the environment.


Today's busy families want nutritious, tasty and sustainable food, but don't have time for long cooking processes. Each Lettuce recipe nails it on ease and convenience.

The Process

Months . . .

It all starts months in advance, as our chefs work with our urban farmers and nutritionists to plan both what we’ll grow, and the recipes the ingredients will go in, based on what will be in season. 

Weeks . . .

A few weeks in advance, actual recipes start to crystalize – based on how the farms are doing, and feedback from customers. 

Days & hours . . .

What finally gets into your delivery, comes together in the last few days and hours – often minutes – based on what’s being harvested from farms, and what’s available from local artisans. 


Explore Recent Lettuce Recipes

Recipe Cards

Our recipe cards are designed to be informational and fun, while making the cooking process fast and seamless. They take advantage of the fact that the ingredients are sustainably packaged – so you are off and running quickly – no fishing for ingredients or unwrapping plastic bags. 

Explore the various features of our recipe cards below: 

Ready to go
Everything in the main container is clearly marked, with prep instructions right there – so it’s easy for the chefs who like to prep every in advance.

Easy & delicious
Freshly prepared spice mixes and sauces are included in zero-waste jars – allowing you to make most dishes in under 30 minutes. 
P.S.: Our spices and sauces are legendary. Just ask any customer!  😉

Local & seasonal 
We design recipes around what is being harvested in your area at that time, as much as possible. What’s local is clearly marked. Don’t worry, we’ll include essentials (like garlic) that may not be in season. 

Nutrition Facts 
In the official FDA format. For those who are inclined to keep track. 

Nutrition Guide 
Notes about the nutritional qualities of various ingredients – so every week you learn about what you put in your body. You are what you eat, after all – something we believe passionately. ❤️

Bold flavors 
We know it, because we grow it, and it’s as fresh as it can get. We bring amazing new flavors & medicinal benefits to our recipes by incorporating rare herbs and plant varieties we grow in our farms. 

Step by step 
Color-coded items, chef’s tips and easy to follow steps that engage the whole family. 

Chef’s tips
Expert advice, short cuts or tips to get kids and others involved in the cooking process. 

Learn New Tricks

Lettuce is great for home chefs with all experience levels.

Novices: Get started on a wonderful lifelong journey with simple cooking tricks you’ll learn every night.

More experienced home chefs: Learn new techniques, discover new ingredients, cuisine types and more. 

Explore Lettuce Plans:

Chef's Choice: Omni

Everything you need to make amazing meals

Produce, spice mixes, dressings, meat, fish, cheeses, lentils, breads and more – pre-portioned to delectable recipes.

3 meals/week, 2 or 4 servings each

Quick & Easy: Omni

Familiar, crowd-pleasing recipes and everything you need to make them 

Easier and faster to prepare, nutrient dense and hyper-locally sourced pre-portioned ingredients. 

3 meals/week, 4 servings each

Chef's Choice: Veg

Skip the trip to the store for authentic, nutritious vegetarian meals

Top quality artisanal vegetarian proteins, beans, nuts, produce, spice mixes, sauces and more. 

3 meals/week, 2 or 4 servings each

Chef's Choice: Vegan

Innovative, delicious vegan meals, without any compromises

Recipes crafted by experienced vegan chefs, combined with well balanced ingredients. 

3 meals/week, 4 servings each

Chef's Choice: Base

The basic building blocks of incredible culinary trips

Amazing omnivore or vegetarian recipes, pre-portioned produce, spice mixes & sauces – you buy the protein, grains & cheeses. Gluten-free. 

3 meals/week, 4 servings each

Farmer's Choice

The farmer’s market, at your doorstep, when you want it

A bag of farm fresh vegetables. For the creative and experienced home chefs who like to wing it. 

Orchard Basket

Super fresh, organically grown fruit from local orchards. 

Local fruit is better fruit. When delivered farm fresh to your door in zero-waste containers, it’s even better.

18-24 servings per delivery 

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