Chef’s Choice: Veg

Chef’s Choice: Veg

A Culinary World Tour
Powered by local ingredients

Skip the trip to the store for authentic, nutritious vegetarian meals.

Top quality artisanal vegetarian proteins, beans, nuts, produce, spice mixes, sauces and more.

Freshness is the Start . . .

A plant-based diet is a great choice. 
Making it as fresh as it can get is an even better one. 

. . . Local Takes it Higher . . .

Eating local, means more freshness, better nutrition, reduced waste and support for the local economy and more: All concepts that resonate with vegetarianism. 

. . . Variety Puts it Over the Top

Being a vegetarian in a pre-dominantly meat-eating society can be a challenge. With Lettuce, scouring specialty food store aisles for something new and compelling that’s also vegetarian is a thing of the past. Lettuce do all the scouring, and bring it to your door. 

"Lettuce is the meal delivery service I have been looking for! I've tried others that ship and hated all the packaging and not really knowing where the food came from. With Lettuce, all the containers are reused and I've been amazed at the quality of the produce and how good the recipes are."
Hilary Bellm

Meal Planning and More

With the Lettuce Chef’s Choice: Veg plan, here are just a few things you can take off your list:

  • Meal planning.
  • Making grocery lists.
  • Shopping every few days.
  • Crushing boxes, tossing bags.
  • Stressing about nutritional balance.
  • Worrying about your carbon footprint.

Culinary World Tour

We’d like to be honest: If you like your food to be the same old same old, then we’re sorry, Lettuce is not for you. Vegetarians rarely fit this description though. 😉 

Every Lettuce recipe is an exploration of new ingredients, how they interact with each other, their cultural background and the impact they have on the body and mind. All while being easy to prepare and delicious. 

Nutritionally Balanced

Lettuce chefs and nutritionists work hard to achieve nutritional balance in our vegetarian recipes – especially on the protein content. 

The non-fad diet that truly works: Little bit of everything in moderation. The Lettuce Veg plan strives to achieve that, by the meal and by the week. Each recipe card provides Nutrition Facts, and an informational nutrition guide – highlighting key ingredients of a recipe and their benefits. 

Oh, and very rarely will you find an ingredient in a Lettuce delivery who’s name you can’t pronounce. 

No More Packaging Waste*

Every time you buy food that is individually-wrapped, you are contributing to the mountains of plastic waste collecting on land and sea.   

Unlike some other ways to cook meals, with Lettuce, there are no boxes to crush, no ice packs to throw away, no plastic bags to figure out what to do with: It’s a new, zero-waste approach to grocery shopping.  

Average number of trash items that you'll potentially save from going into the landfill as a Lettuce customer, every month

*Some items in Lettuce deliveries, like fish and meat are packaged in throwaway packaging, to comply with health codes or for sourcing purposes. We are working towards a 100% zero-waste future. 

“I absolutely love my weekly Lettuce delivery. I was searching for a service without all of the packaging waste and wanted to support local farmers and artisans. Lettuce allows me to do that and they even take my compost. Hands down, the best subscription service I have ever purchased!”
Julie Macalik

No More Food Waste Either

The days of buying a whole bunch of herbs when you only need a few sprigs, then finding the rest rotting in the fridge days later, are over.

Lettuce plans deliver perfectly portioned ingredients, saving your money, and preventing food waste.

Allison Swafford

All at a Price . . .

. . . that meets, often beats, grocery stores, farmer’s markets, meal kit delivery services, CSAs and more. It’s a quiet revolution in making local and fresh also convenient and affordable

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Chef's Choice: Veg

Skip the trip to the store for authentic, nutritious vegetarian meals

Top quality artisanal vegetarian proteins, beans, nuts, produce, spice mixes, sauces and more. 

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Farmer's Choice

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Orchard Basket

Super fresh, organically grown fruit from local orchards. 

Local fruit is better fruit. When delivered farm fresh to your door in zero-waste containers, it’s even better.

18-24 servings per delivery