Kid’s Choice: Omnivore

Kid’s Choice: Omnivore

The struggle to feed your kids healthy food is over ​
A nutritionally balanced diet is crucial for a child's development into a healthy adult. ​That's exactly what this plan delivers.

Everything you need to prepare nutritious meals your growing family will love.

Specially crafted, (picky) kid-friendly recipes, and all the pre-portioned produce, spice mixes, dressings, meat, fish, cheeses, lentils, breads and more to prepare them.

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Got Picky Eaters . . .

This might be the answer to your prayers. 

Fast & Fun

3-4 steps. Under 30 minutes. 

Busy Parents: Take Stuff Off Your Plate

The Lettuce Kid’s Choice plans and other Addons helps you strike several things off your list:

  • Meal planning.
  • Long grocery lists.
  • Shopping every few days.
  • Keepin’ it fresh.
  • Crushing boxes, tossing bags.
  • Stressing about nutritional balance.

Familiarity, Meet Variety

The Lettuce Kid’s Choice plans slide right in between ‘Umm, what’s this?’ and ‘I’m bored of the same old same old.’

Core recipes that are familiar to the entire family, that incorporate seasonal ingredients and global flavors.

The Super Star Nine

Whether it’s Taco Tuesday or Friday Pizza Night, some suppers are sure-fire hits with kids. Lettuce’s Kids’ Choice takes kid-favorites and finds delicious and clever ways to incorporate seasonal vegetables into the recipes so they are hits for the entire family.

Here are the categories into which Kid’s Choice meals fall into:

Finger Foods

These recipes encourage a child’s favorite meal time activity -- eating with their hands! These bite-sized foods come with Lettuce-made condiments and sauces for dipping.

Soups / Stews

Comforting bowls of soups and stews are chock full of seasonal vegetables, meats, beans, and occasionally some interesting new global flavors.


Classic sandwiches and wraps are packed with nutrient-dense veggies and organic meats and served with side salads or veggies for dipping.


Seasonal vegetables are always better as topping for a flatbread pizza and smothered in cheese.

Wild Card

Once in a while we’ll mix things up with a recipe that doesn’t fall neatly into one of our categories. Wild Card recipes may seem unfamiliar to some kids, but they work well to introduce them to new ingredients and flavors.

One-Pan Meals

How much seasonal goodness and flavor can we pack onto one pan -- a harvestful! Chop, season, put in the oven and done.


These quick and easy meals feature whole grains, organic meats, and all the season’s freshest vegetables.

Tacos/ Quesadillas

Recipes with a variety of flavor profiles featuring seasonal veggies and organic meats wrapped in a tortilla or grilled with cheese.


All kinds of vegetables can be sneaked -- err, tucked into fun-shaped noodles, a classic kid-favorite. Add some sauce and cheese, and they’ll never know the difference.

Nutrient Dense

What kids eat growing up plays a big role in what they will become when they get older. The Kid’s Choice plan makes natural, nutrient dense food attractive to kids.

"Great exposure of different types of cuisine to the kids, My picky son loved teriyaki sauce veggies"​
Kate Sherwood

Like Legos

Kid’s Choice recipes are conceived like building blocks – allowing you to skip ingredients that your kids may not like. 

No More Packaging Waste*

Every time you buy food that is individually-wrapped, you are contributing to the mountains of plastic waste collecting on land and sea.   

Unlike some other ways to cook meals, with Lettuce, there are no boxes to crush, no ice packs to throw away, no plastic bags to figure out what to do with: It’s a new, zero-waste approach to grocery shopping.  

Average number of trash items that you'll potentially save from going into the landfill as a Lettuce customer, every month

*Some items in Lettuce deliveries, like fish and meat are packaged in throwaway packaging, to comply with health codes or for sourcing purposes. We are working towards a 100% zero-waste future. 

No More Food Waste Either

The days of buying a whole bunch of herbs when you only need a few sprigs, then finding the rest rotting in the fridge days later, are over.

Lettuce plans deliver perfectly portioned ingredients, saving you money, and preventing food waste.

Your Fridge After Lettuce
Your Fridge Before Lettuce

Local 👋 Education

Local not only means fresher, more nutritious food, it also mean kids get to learn about food and farming from farms at their schools and neighborhoods.

Exposure to World Cuisines

Lettuce prepare your kids to be receptive to flavors from around the world. Each recipe card includes interesting kid friendly gastronomical information that educates them about what they are eating and its origins.

All at a Price . . .

. . . that meets, often beats, grocery stores, farmer’s markets, meal kit delivery services, CSAs and more. It’s a quiet revolution in making local and fresh also convenient and affordable

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Classics: Omni

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Chef's Choice: Base

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Farmer's Choice

The farmer’s market, at your doorstep, when you want it

A bag of farm fresh vegetables. For the creative and experienced home chefs who like to wing it. 

Orchard Basket

Super fresh, organically grown fruit from local orchards. 

Local fruit is better fruit. When delivered farm fresh to your door in zero-waste containers, it’s even better.

18-24 servings per delivery 

Recent Recipes