Orchard Basket


Orchard Basket

Rethink Fruit
Where and how the fruit you eat was grown, how it got to you, when and what it was packaged in, matters.

Orchard Basket is a weekly delivery of fresh organic fruit from local orchards.

Delivered in zero-waste containers. Includes about 18-24 servings of fruit.

Local Fruit is Better Fruit

Eating local means knowing where the fruit came from, the farmers you are supporting, and making an investment in the future of our communities and the local economy. 

It is important to understand that wanting to eat locally grown/raised food, especially fruit, means unpredictability in terms of what’s in season and harvestable, as well as how much is available. We keep Lettucers informed in advance about what’s coming in the Orchard Basket in a given week so they can choose to get it or skip it. 

Truly Fresh

Most fruit at the grocery store sees a lot before it gets there. Boxing, trucking, unboxing, spraying and more. Lettuce cuts right through that – delivering fruit from the tree or vine, right to your home in the fastest time possible. 

Organically Grown is the Best

The “Dirty Dozen” is a list of foods that are high in pesticide residues, comprised mostly of fruit. Lettuce’s diligent sourcing process ensures that the fruit you eat is organically grown, which means the fruit you eat is pesticide free, and arguably more delicious too! 

Sustainable Grown is Important

We do our best to source from farmers who use regenerative growing methods. So you can be sure the fruit you’re eating has the lowest environmental impact possible.

Sustainably Delivered Is Easier

Like everything else from Lettuce, the fruit in Orchard Basket comes in zero-waste containers. No more clamshells to throw away, stickers to unstick, and styrofoam to deal with. The right reusable packaging for the right type of fruit. 

Reduced Food Waste

We source precisely what you order – virtually eliminating the incredible food waste that occurs in the typical supply chain.

Recipe Ideas

Each delivery comes with recipes to use the fruit with – smoothies, shakes, deserts and more! 

Love for Orchard Basket

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Orchard Basket

Super fresh, organically grown fruit from local orchards. 

Local fruit is better fruit. When delivered farm fresh to your door in zero-waste containers, it’s even better.

18-24 servings per delivery