Farm Fresh Eggs


Farm Fresh Eggs

Farm Fresh Eggs
Eggs from local small scale poultry farms. Organic, pasture raised, no chemicals.

A weekly delivery of a dozen fresh eggs . . .

. . . In zero-waste containers.

Local Eggs are Better Eggs

Eating local means knowing where the eggs came from, the farmers you are supporting, reducing your and your city’s carbon footprint, and making an investment in the future of our communities and the local economy.

Pasture-Raised Chickens are Healthier

Just free-range and cage-free doesn’t mean much for the birds. But Pastured Raised means they get to roam free in the fields eating all the bugs they want! No cages, no crowded barns. Only happy and healthy chickens!

Pasture raised, happy chickens
Chickens in cruel, unhealthy conditions

More Nutritious

Healthy birds means healthier eggs! Pasture-Raised eggs may not taste that different, but the eggs are truly more nutritious. Less cholesterol and saturated fat, more vitamins, omega-3s fatty-acids, and beta carotene! 

Amazingly Fresh

Store bought eggs can sit on the shelf for up to 30 days before being bought. The eggs we deliver are never more than a few days old. Guaranteeing the longest lasting and best quality possible!

Zero-waste Packaging + Composting = 😇

With Lettuce, you’ll eliminate the hassle of crushing and recycling egg cartons. How? Because our eggs come in custom made zero-waste containers – just put them out with the rest of the Lettuce containers for pick up! 

Throwing egg shells away into the trash? Egg shells are a rich source of nutrients, and make a perfect ‘ingredient’ for our compost bins. Just send them back, and they’ll make their way back into the soil and compost and into your food as nutrients – the perfect cycle! 


More Goodness in Each Delivery

You can add a growing number of items to your regular deliveries, with the same level of convenience, affordability and sustainability.

Orchard Basket

A weekly delivery of fresh organic fruit from local orchards, delivered in zero-waste containers. Includes about 18-24 servings of fruit.
$18 per delivery

Local Eggs

A weekly delivery of local, farm fresh eggs, delivered in zero-waste containers. Organic, ethical, pasture-raised, laid by happy hens grazing on fresh grass.

Delightful Elixirs

Super healthy, incredibly delicious and easy to prepare drink kits and/or concentrates made from fresh, local fruit, vegetables and herbs.
Coming soon

Sunday Brunch

Freshen up your Sunday mornings with easy brunch kits that are easy to prepare, familiar, yet introduce you to new and seasonal ingredients.
Coming soon

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Chef's Choice: Omni

Everything you need to make amazing meals

Produce, spice mixes, dressings, meat, fish, cheeses, lentils, breads and more – pre-portioned to delectable recipes.

3 meals/week, 2 or 4 servings each

Quick & Easy: Omni

Familiar, crowd-pleasing recipes and everything you need to make them 

Easier and faster to prepare, nutrient dense and hyper-locally sourced pre-portioned ingredients. 

3 meals/week, 4 servings each

Chef's Choice: Veg

Skip the trip to the store for authentic, nutritious vegetarian meals

Top quality artisanal vegetarian proteins, beans, nuts, produce, spice mixes, sauces and more. 

3 meals/week, 2 or 4 servings each

Chef's Choice: Vegan

Innovative, delicious vegan meals, without any compromises

Recipes crafted by experienced vegan chefs, combined with well balanced ingredients. 

3 meals/week, 4 servings each

Chef's Choice: Base

The basic building blocks of incredible culinary trips

Amazing omnivore or vegetarian recipes, pre-portioned produce, spice mixes & sauces – you buy the protein, grains & cheeses. Gluten-free. 

3 meals/week, 4 servings each

Farmer's Choice

The farmer’s market, at your doorstep, when you want it

A bag of farm fresh vegetables. For the creative and experienced home chefs who like to wing it. 

Orchard Basket

Super fresh, organically grown fruit from local orchards. 

Local fruit is better fruit. When delivered farm fresh to your door in zero-waste containers, it’s even better.

18-24 servings per delivery