Breakfast Bread


Breakfast Bread

Start Your Day Deliciously

A weekly delivery of seasonal Breakfast Bread baked by a local artisan.

Delivered in zero-waste containers. Each loaf has about 6-8 thick slices.

Locally Crafted

Our bread is made fresh each week by artisan Hannah Casparian. Hannah is an experienced chef, baker, and a registered dietitian. Born to a priest and an artist, she grew up expanding her palate traveling, experiencing and eating. Her cooking focuses on delicious, whole grain, thoughtful food made with local, sustainable ingredients.

Seasonal Ingredients

We prioritize baking with seasonal, local ingredients, as well as produce that would otherwise have gone to waste. You might see ayote bread, pumpkin bread, zucchini bread, loaves filled with bananas, pecans, stone fruit . . . . an endless variety of options that are seasonally bountiful! Breakfast Bread also includes other local items like flour from Barton Springs Mill. 

Grown Consciously

We take our sourcing seriously. Lettuce ensures that all the ingredients in your bread – from the wheat, to the eggs, to the fruit and vegetables – are grown using methods that are kind to the earth. This means what you eat is pesticide free, and arguably more delicious too! 

Sustainably Delivered

Like everything else from Lettuce, our Breakfast Bread comes in zero-waste containers. Our closed-loop materials cycle means that your bread box is effortlessly returned, and gets reused again and again.

Love for Lettuce

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