Eat Well,

When shopping for food, do you find yourself asking:

Is it . . . ?

When making food choices today, there are so many ‘is it …’ questions that likely go through your mind. With Lettuce, the answer to each of them is a straight and simple ‘Yes’ – bringing you a whole new level of convenience and peace of mind.  


Yes it is.

For us, eating local means knowing where your ingredients come from, the farmers and food artisans you are supporting, and that you’re investing in the local economy.


Yes, of course!

From vegetables to spices, meats, cheeses, and breads - we deliver ridiculously fresh ingredients. What’s in your delivery is often picked, or prepared, the same day.

Sustainably farmed?

Yes it is.

How the food you eat is farmed or raised matters - for you and the environment. Our own farms and the farms we source from prioritize regenerative agricultural practices.

Organically grown?

Yes, indeed.

Eating organic means the ingredients are pesticide free. On our farms, we go beyond that by ensuring every farming practice is as sustainable as possible.


Yes, very.

Local, organically grown, and fresh means Lettuce meals are as nutrient dense as possible. You are what you eat, and we strive to help you eat well, and feel great.

Low on food waste?

Yes, big time.

The days of buying a bundle of herbs just to use a few sprigs are over. With Lettuce, you get the exact quantities of what’s needed - eliminating food (and money) waste.

Low on packaging waste?

Yes it is.

The guilt of tossing plastic food wrappers into the trash is now a thing of the past. Our convenient delivery system means your containers enjoy the long life-cycle they deserve.


Yes, super!

Delicious recipes, pre-portioned ingredients, no trash to throw away, and a growing list of items your can add to your deliveries: It’s a new way of shopping local created for busy lives.


You bet.

All the aspects of Lettuce services come together with a new, local, sustainable and efficient supply chain that brings you amazing food at an affordable price.

Our Nutritional Goals for You . . .





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