Lettuce Create

You Lettuce Do The Rest.

What is Lettuce Create?

Lettuce Create enables local small and medium-sized Creators - bakers, chefs, caterers, artisans and more - to sell to anyone in and around their city, without worrying about delivering, logistics, sales, marketing, sourcing ingredients, getting paid, customer support and more.

Your entire city is now your market. So go forth, create amazing products and grow your business at your terms and schedule. Lettuce take care of everything else.

Lettuce Create brings you . . .

Delivery & Logistics

Turn your local fans into active, regular customers, effortlessly

Lettuce delivers your products to your fans anywhere in and around your city, and handles everything that goes with it. No delivery fees, no minimums, no hassles.

Marketing & Sales

Expand your business, while engaging with your customers

Lettuce Create gives you access to Lettuce’s rapidly growing customer base, and your fans an easy way to get your products delivered via your own Lettuce Online Storefront.

Product & Order Management

Powerful, yet easy to use online tools built for small batch creators.

Create and sell on your own schedule, price, and volume you are comfortable with. Build a thriving business with just a few clicks, and a lot of what you actually set out to do in the first place: Create. 

Test & Hone

Unleash your creativity for an audience that digs it. 

Show your city all your original flavors. Lettuce Create enables you to experiment, learn, and adapt your offerings for the highest earnings and growth. 

Planned, Not On-Demand

Less stress, better margins and higher quality product. 

Lettuce is a planned delivery service, not an on demand one. Orders are locked in 3 days in advance – giving you ample time to create exactly what was ordered, and you will be paid for. For Creators, it means better resource management, less wastage, no uncertainties, and the space to create better products.

Customer Support

Lettuce support you by supporting your customers.

Lettuce handles the first level of customer support, resolves any delivery related issues, and passes down all product related support issues to the Creators. Feedback is transparent, policies customer and Creator friendly. Lettuce is not a traditional retailer or etailer. It is a community where everyone is an equal and responsible partner bringing what they do best to others – from farmers to creators, distributors, and end customers. 

Local Sourcing

Local + Sustainable = Tasty + Nutritious 

Lettuce’s vast supply chain and relationship with the best local farms and distributors mean you can get ingredients for your creations through Lettuce at the best possible price. 

Expand on Your Terms

Set your business’s pace

You no longer need to put up large sums of money to set up a store front, or get permits at markets and be at the mercy of weather and local laws. Set up your Lettuce Online Storefront, create amazing products, post updates to your fan base, and manage your growth. 

Zero-waste Packaging

Do your bit for the environment, effortlessly

Lettuce loves and prefers to work with Creators who reuse the containers their products are delivered in. Our customers are regularly oriented towards sending containers back, which are then returned back to you. It will be your responsibility to clean and sanitize them before reusing them. Goodness need not be wasteful.

Lettuce Create Online Features

Lettuce Create's powerful, yet easy to use online tools give Creators the ability to:
- Pick any/all delivery days (from available days, which are different for different zones)
- Set default prices and minimum / maximum unit levels for each product - with the flexibility to change them for any delivery date based on your capacity/inventory
- See order numbers in real-time, and receive important updates via email
- Create variants of products based on size, type of container and more
- Get automated allergen information and nutrition facts based on product ingredients
- Get paid automatically (direct transfers to your bank account), precisely and on-time (within days after delivery) - no invoices to send, or follow up to do or Net 30/60/90 to deal with

All Creators also get an online Storefront where you can:
- Post updates, including photos, videos, links and more
- Automatically showcase all your active products
- Consolidate your other social media feeds on one page
- Engage with your customers and fans

And your customers will be able to:
- Order your products easily
- Make posts on your Storefront and product pages
- Follow you to get updates automatically
- Get product details
- Communicate with you directly

Some of these features may still be under development, and/or may not be made available to certain types of Creators.

How It Works

1. Sign up

The secure online sign up process includes submission of your business info, health certifications, and bank info for automatic payments (akin to Airbnb or Lyft). You will also be prompted to enter detailed information about your products, including pictures, pricing, ingredients and more.

2. Review

Lettuce will review the information you have submitted, and depending on the type of products you create, we may ask you to bring in samples. If you and your products meet our guidelines and quality standards, you will be approved and your Creator Dashboard will become active.

3. Manage & Schedule

On your Dashboard, you’ll be able to manage your products: add/edit items, set availability, pricing and more. Products are locked and go live on Saturday at 9am – the week before the delivery (e.g. products to be delivered May 11-17, will go live on at 9am May 4). 

4. Start Creating

Three days before the day of delivery, orders are locked up (customers cannot make any more changes), and you’ll be notified of what was ordered via email (and on your Dashboard). You can then get down to doing what you love – creating – knowing each unit will get to customers – with no waste, and no inventory problems.

5. Deliver Order

Based on a predetermined plan agreed to with the Lettuce operations team, you’ll be expected to bring your orders to our facility, for us to then deliver to all your customers across the city. Direct payment to your bank account is triggered, automatically after delivery to customers, and are completed within 4-5 business days.

6. Engage & Innovate

Customize your public Storefront, post updates, share, engage with your fans, and evolve your offerings based on your learnings. Work with the Lettuce team to send samples out, do promotions, and more. Lettuce help you grow your business efficiently, and do what you set out to do – earn a living creating amazing products.   

More questions not answered yet? Visit the Lettuce Create Knowledge Base, or write to us at help@lettuce.fm


It's simple:


Unlimited products. No minimum orders. No maximum orders.
No long-term commitments, or obligations
(aside from delivering to us products already ordered, of course).

The price you set for each product is your wholesale price - and will be your revenue.
Lettuce will mark up your wholesale price, just like retailers do, based on the category of product - to cover the cost of delivery, technology, customer support / potential returns and more.

Questions? Write to us at:

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