Welcome to Lettuce!

And a new sustainable, healthy and more convenient lifestyle.

At this time Lettuce is not available in your area . . . but we would like to change that soon!

Please make an early bird reservation for one of our plans for only $5 below - it will help us prioritize our availability in your area. And you will get your first delivery totally free!

How It Works

Lettuce grows food in and around urban areas

We partner with other local farms to supply what we don’t grow. 

Our accomplished chefs create amazing recipes from what’s in season

Nutritious, delicious, easy, kid friendly and sustainable. 

We deliver complete meal-kits to your door in zero waste packaging

Hand crafted, incredibly fresh, complete, yet flexible. affordable. 

Add an ever growing list of local items to your delivery, seamlessly

Everything we deliver adheres to our core principles: Local, fresh, nutritious, sustainably grown/raise and packaged. 


Welcome to a new relationship with the food you eat.

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Composting, Built In

Contribute, Effortlessly

Use our empty containers as compost bins for the rest of the week. All that rich organic material comes back to us when we pick up the Bag, gets composted in our facilities, and then goes into our Farms as fertilizer. A perfect cycle that results in less going into the landfill, nutrient-dense produce and low prices for you.  

Grow Local

Grow food: For yourself, or your community, or let us grow on your land. Lettuce be more sustainable and self-reliant. 

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