Picture from KUT article on Whisper Valley

This past weekend we delivered our produce to the first two residents who are now living in Whisper Valley!

Whisper Valley, located right outside of Austin, is a collaborative project between Taurus, Lettuce and other investors who are carving out a new type of community that will be a thriving model of sustainable living. With net zero energy capable homes and amenities, Whisper Valley is already on track to be one of the largest eco-developments in The United States.

Lettuce is helping mold the land itself with high production farms that will feed its future residents. We’ve already built one Hub farm and a children’s farm, as well as models of mini-farms that are available for residents to build in their own backyards. By keeping the food local and distributing it to the immediate surrounding areas, we are building a highly efficient and dense food system to replace our current spread out, wasteful model.

We are so excited to prove that it works, we are offering a free meal bag to each new resident when they move into their new home (Because who likes cooking when they first move-in?). Residents are excited and we have heard nothing but praises so far as they are eager to participate by eating delicious food and learning more about the local food-chain with Lettuce.

Kylie Shanks oversees the Whisper Valley project for the Lettuce Farm Team