The Heart and Soil of Lettuce : Organic Fertilizers

Today, we are going to add to our ongoing conversation about soil by briefly discussing fertilizers and amendments! When it comes to our farms, we exclusively use organic ingredients that are far healthier for the soil than synthetic, inorganic fertilizers. These organic fertilizers feed our plants, create better soil structure (both for our plant roots, as well as for moisture retention and drainage), and ultimately create healthier soil. And as we have said in earlier blogs, healthier soil = healthier, more nutrient-packed produce!

At Lettuce, we use our own, hand-mixed fertilizer, consisting of 11 different ingredients. We do this to ensure the integrity of the fertilizer we use on our beds, and to amend as accurately as possible, according to what our soil and plants need. Our ingredients are organic materials which consist of animal waste and parts, vegetable waste, and natural elements (like sulfur and rock phosphate). Organic materials take a while to break down, making their nutrients less readily available, however this is not necessarily bad for your plants. Think about it like this: INORGANIC fertilizers are like Thanksgiving dinner, there is a lot of it, all at one time, and after gobbling it up, your body usually slows down one hour later. ORGANIC fertilizers are like eating 5 small meals a day, you don’t get to stuff yourself, but it keeps you continuously energized throughout the day!

We could talk all day about how composting (https://lettuce.fm/blogs/main/composting-doing-the-most-with-the-post), mulching (https://lettuce.fm/blogs/main/healthy-soil), and using fertilizers and amendments helps improve our soil and our vegetables (and maybe someday we will!) However, you and I are likely fortunate enough to have good food to eat, people to hug, and love to be shared, so I will keep it brief. From Lettuce to you, we wish you all a joy-filled holiday, filled with good and courageous conversations and humble acts of love. And, we look forward to continuing this conversation in the next couple of weeks! Happy Holiday!

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