Why Lettuce Puts Farmers First

A question we often get from people is; “What makes you different from other Meal Kit companies?” There are many ways we can answer this question, but the first thing is that we don’t believe we are just a meal kit company. We’re an Urban Farming Company. Our staff are all farmers, first and foremost. From our CEO, to our chefs, to our delivery drivers, every member of our team has gotten their hands dirty at our urban farms.

Why do we care so much about this? Because it keeps us connected to the product we deliver. It keeps us connected to you. It’s easy to buy ingredients, box it up and ship it out to people. But there is a much richer and deeper investment in what we offer because we are the one’s planting the seed, nurturing the plants, preparing delicious recipes around those plants, and then bringing them to your doorstep ourselves. It’s hard to describe how much we care about the ingredients you receive each week.

We create community by building our farms at schools and in neighborhoods, keeping the process as close to you as possible. We nurture soils through mindful cultivation and enrich urban ecosystems by improving biodiversity. We also challenge conventions on how farming can and cannot be done within the urban setting. Our farms are a living, breathing manifestation of our passion and the food we bring to you is the bridge by which we connect people together.

So, we don’t deliver ‘Meal Kits’ at all. We deliver integrity, diligence, and innovation. We deliver community, connection, and knowledge. We deliver all of that in a convenient and delicious package brought right to your door. So, Lettuce Grow Together!

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