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Culinary Technique: Segmenting Citrus

Segmenting citrus is a surprisingly useful skill, especially if you have littles at home who struggle chewing pulp and end up eschewing all that sweet vitamin C altogether. With just a touch of time and effort, segmenting the fruit will leave only pretty, jewel-like pieces for easy eating — and beautiful presentation. The method works on any citrus, from navel oranges to grapefruits.

Here’s how it’s done:

1. Slice off stem and bottom ends of fruit.

2. Glide a sharp paring knife between white pith and fruit from top to bottom, trimming as closely as you can to the fruit.

3. Following the membranes that divide each segment, glide the knife along each membrane and pop out the pulp-free fruit.

Segments can be tossed in a green or grain salad, served as a pretty garnish, or piled up in a snack bowl and eaten by hand.

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