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Gift Cards Are Here & We’re Doubling the Amount

Just in time for the holidays, you can now quickly and easily give someone a gift of what you love: Lettuce. Current customers can add gift cards from their accounts — look for the option in your top bar. Takes half a minute, you can gift any amount, it’s easy for the recipient to redeem, and the amount can be used with your referral code!

Lettuce Double Your Gift $s!

Thinking of a holiday gift for your kids’ school teacher, a prolific community volunteer, government or nonprofit employee, firefighter, or someone in the police force? As a thank you for the tireless work they do in our community, Lettuce will double your gift amount for these special people! Simply purchase the gift card, and then forward the email confirmation to help@lettuce.fm with a note about the recipients role/work in the community, and we’ll take it from there. 

Business Gifts

Lettuce also makes a great gift for your employees and partners. Skip the same old gift ideas and give something healthy, delicious, and sustainable: Lettuce!

If you would like to send a Lettuce gift card to several people at the same time, and don’t want to fill out this form individually, Lettuce help! Simply send us an email at help@lettuce.fm with a list of recipients, amount, and the note, and we will take care of it for you.

Not a Lettuce customer? Write to us at help@lettuce.fm and we’ll get your gift card going!

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