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Top Five Reasons to Eat Locally

It's important that we all eat locally sourced foods. Sustainability and eco-friendly choices are necessary to make this planet healthy again. Here are 5 reasons to eat locally.

I probably don’t need to tell you (or do I?) that there are a ton of amazing reasons to eat foods that are grown and produced locally. Here are five reasons to ditch your supermarket and start eating locally today:

1. It tastes better.

To put it simply, locally grown foods just tend to taste better. You can be sure that when you’re buying produce, meat, eggs, or dairy that have been produced locally, everything is fresh. This means that you’re bringing home more flavorful, nutritious foods. Your local supermarket is generally more concerned about getting their products on their shelves in a timely manner, rather than if the product is at its optimum prime for consuming.

2. It’s better for you

Locally grown fruits and vegetables will, more often than not, have a higher nutrient value than the produce your market or supermarket is selling you. Locally grown food is sourced at the perfect time. This means that, for example, fruit is picked when it’s ripe and it’s had time to retain its optimal level of nutrients. When produce is shipped to your supermarket, it is often not picked before it’s ripe. Furthermore, locally grown food isn’t mass produced and contains very little, or no pesticides.

3. It’s better for the environment

There are a couple of reasons why buying local from the market may be better for the environment. If, say, eggs are locally owned, there is less of a need for those eggs to be traveling long distances (to be delivered to supermarket or grocery store), it is cutting down on the number of delivery trucks that are contributing to air pollution. Also, if farmers and other businesses are receiving enough compensation for their local produce, they are more likely to be able to keep their farmland. This means they are less likely to sell it off to developers who want to create manufacturing plants, among other environmentally damaging structures on their vast farmland.

4. It supports your local economy

Who doesn’t want to support local businesses? When you support your town and the surrounding area, it can only benefit you as a result. When more money is able to go into your community and every farm, it is able to benefit local businesses and its residents, resulting in growth and prosperity for your surrounding area. More investment can then be made in fresh seasonal produce. Cool, eh? Buying locally sounds like a win-win situation to me!

5. You can find out how your local food was grown.

When putting food into our body, we should want more information on when and how it was grown—after all, you deserve the best! Farmers take pride in the produce, meat, and dairy that they sell, and they can tell you exactly how your food was grown, when it was grown, how much was grown at a time, what they used to grow it, and so on. We should care about the quality of what we’re eating, and you can almost guarantee that food that is sold at farmer’s markets is of the best quality you can buy.

So, there you have it, our top five (of many) reasons why you should be eating locally. Think of these before you next head off to the supermarket, and remember that there may just be a better option. Buy local, eat local—it is contributing on a global scale!

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