Choosing & Prepping the Perfect Avocado

One common method for checking an avocado’s ripeness is to give it a little squeeze. Unfortunately, that little squeeze can produce a bruise.

Instead, choose an avocado by first selecting one with wrinkly, darker green skin.

Second, pull off the stem nubbin. If it pulls off easily and the avocado is  green underneath, it’s ready! If it’s brown, the avocado is overripe. Too yellowy-green and you’ll need to ripen it on the counter.

To prep an avocado, slice off the stem end. Then slice the avocado lengthwise. With the avocado on the cutting board — NOT IN YOUR HAND — tap the edge of a chef’s knife into the pit and turn. This should free the pit. From there, use the point of a knife to cut wedges and then a big soup spoon to scoop out the flesh.

Voila, perfect, pretty avocado wedges!

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