Your Vote Counts at Lettuce!

Last week, I was sitting in my office and heard a commotion of sorts erupt among my coworkers. “Oh my gosh! Oh MY GOSH!” I heard the words over and over again, pulled an earbud out of my ear and hoped that the exclamations were due to some sort of unforeseen miracle. In my world (of business development for Lettuce), a miracle might mean some sort of inconceivable influx of new subscribers to Lettuce meal kits or perhaps a celebrity promoter taking it upon themselves to preach about Lettuce meal kits on every media platform imaginable.

As I approached to investigate the hysteria, I saw (and heard) more of my coworkers join in tasting a test recipe and singing its praises.  Our head chef, Melissa, had developed a Greek flatbread pizza and tabbouleh recipe that floored my entire team and left the office in a euphoric trance.  For those of you reading this, and receiving a March 31 or April 2 delivery, you are in for a treat!

Nonetheless, this entire event got me thinking about my hope for a business development miracle. Which led me to ponder on the reasons people try Lettuce in the first place. It’s pretty simple, in fact. Subscribing to Lettuce is like voting, and people “vote” for Lettuce because Lettuce represents their interests.

When you “vote” for Lettuce, you vote for the values that define our company — and most likely, at least some of these values, define you too.

You vote for “local.” From local farms in your neighborhoods, schools, and communities to well-known local farms with a grocery store presence; you support local sourcing of our ingredients and, with that, you contribute to fewer miles driven, more dollars to the local economy, fresher food, and more variety on your dinner plate.

You also vote for “sustainable.” Your weekly dinner plate does not result in piles of cardboard, Styrofoam, plastic, and even worse: massive icepacks that clutter your freezer, eventually explode, and inevitably wind up in a landfill somewhere. You partner with us to reuse and reduce waste, and you give us back your compostable waste and allow us to renew and enrich our farm soils to grow your future meals.

You vote for “healthy, nutritious, and delicious.” You establish healthy patterns in your families, say “no” to enticing items of greater short-term convenience, and establish that you need food to taste good and that eating plain broccoli and chicken breasts every day of your life is not how you want to “do” healthy.

You vote for “affordability.” Sure, there are more expensive, and perhaps more convenient healthy food options out there, but you believe that affordable food is a basic human right… and so do we. We fight hard to keep our meal kits affordable and we hope that you will continue to support us in these efforts.

Your vote says “yes” to your “time” and “no” to grocery store shopping, meal planning, and other superhuman tasks (in light of your busy lives) that make cooking food challenging. Thank you for choosing us to plan your meals, shop around for your best ingredients, pre-portion ingredients for your recipes, and make your sauces and spice mixes from scratch.

In our current political climate, where we may often wonder if our votes for political figures or dollars donated to charitable organizations really make a difference, I would like to assure you that when you “vote” for Lettuce, week after week, share us with your circle, or support our presence in your kids’ schools, your vote counts in a pretty straightforward, cause-and-effect kind of way. We keep doing business according to our shared values and providing you with meal kits that serve your interests.

Thank you for voting for Lettuce!

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