A “Typical” Day at Lettuce

Ever wonder what it looks like at Lettuce on a typical day? Well…there is really no typical day! Now that I’ve moved from primarily farming to doing more office work, I see the many moving people and parts that keep Lettuce ticking. The office and farms are always abuzz with team members coming and going.

What follows is a random day at Lettuce…

7am: Hal picks up heavy-duty mower at Home Depot (gotta beat the rush!)

7:30am: Farm team meets at HQ to grab tools and head to Terabithia (one of our Hub Farm). They’ll be chop-hoeing, planting starts and trellising tomatoes. Aubrey heads to the greenhouse to finish setting up watering system.

8am: Lena and Yogesh arrive in the office. We check delivery orders for the week, answer subscriber questions via email and phone, and talk about anything that needs to happen immediately.

9am: Cameron checks harvestable list from farm and begins orders from local producers to supplement our harvest. Our professional dishwashing team comes in to help with last weeks’ boxes.

10am: Lena and Cameron meet with subscriber interested in hosting a cooking demo at her condo. Hal comes to pick up compost from HQ to take to a new mini-farm owner.

11am: Cameron acquires ingredients to test 4 recipes.

12pm: Farm Team is back in the office. They weigh produce harvested from Terabithia.

1pm: Full team meeting. We discuss everything from the new HQ move to issues with last weeks’ delivery.

2pm: A delivery of broccoli and cauliflower starts arrives at the office. Cameron begins testing recipes, taking notes and pictures as he goes. Lisa and Marisa head out to take compost material to an anchor farm. The rest of the farm team heads to a different anchor to fix irrigation and weed. Yogesh designs a flyer for a school to give out to parents (10% of sales go back to the PTA)!

2:30pm: Aubrey meets with a new school that is interested in bringing Lettuce to their community. Lena meets with a candidate for Urban Farmer. Yogesh calls a few subscribers to get their opinion on our new Quick n’ Easy Recipes.

3pm: A delivery of local produce arrives for boxes.

3:30pm: Cameron translates recipes into blog posts online. Yogesh preps weekly subscriber email. Hal meets our electrician at our new HQ (we can’t wait to move!).

4pm: Lisa reaches out to subscribers interested in hosting an anchor farm. Lena puts final touches on a new page for our website. A new order of harvest knives arrives at the office.

5pm (or sometimes 6pm, 7pm, 8pm….:) The office gets closed up.

6pm: Hal leads a gardening workshop at Lee Elementary about Beets

….and I had to stop myself from adding more things!

I hope this gives you a peek behind the curtain of our crazy start-up. Even though we’re busy, we wouldn’t have our jobs any other way!

-Lena Wright, Lettuce’s Chief of Staff

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