The Many Identities of a Pinwheel

‘Pinwheels’ are the Lettuce version of a Roulade which is a French culinary term meaning “to roll” and typically is a meat or pastry filled with any number of ingredients. A version of the roulade is made in many countries around the world and goes by these other names:

America – Stuffed steak, flank or sirloin pounded thin then stuffed with veggies and herbs

Italy – Braciole prounounced [bra-jol], consisting of beef, pork or chicken usually filled with Parmesan cheese, bread crumbs and eggs

France – Paupiette, a veal version filled with vegetables, fruits or sweetmeats (glands)

Germany – Rouladen, beef filled with onions, bacon and pickles

Germany –  Kohlrouladen, cabbage filled with minced meat.

Poland – Zrazy, typically made with beef and served with a sour cream sauce

Czechoslovakia – Španělské ptáčky meaning “Little Spanish birds”- meat filled with egg, hot dog, and pickle then steamed in a sauce

Hungary – Szüz tekercsek meaning “Virgin Roulade”- filled with minced meat

Netherlands – Rollade, mostly made from pork and traditionally not filled, spiced with pepper, salt, and nutmeg

There are also dessert roulades typically made from spongecake filled with whipped cream, pastry cream, ganache, jam and sometimes fruit, and then rolled up jellyroll fashion. They are commonly known as “Swiss rolls” and “Yule logs” at Christmastime.

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