Roommates Save with Lettuce

A surprising way to utilize a Lettuce subscription and how we’re helping to save money in multifamily homes.

When thinking about how families would use our meal subscription (three recipes that serve four) one usually thinks of the standard family of two to four people will consume and possibly have leftovers for each recipe. However, I had the opportunity to talk with one of our subscribers whose taken our product to a whole new level in his household.

A Subscribers Perspective:
David lives with his girlfriend and one other roommate, all of whom have full-time jobs. Together they split the cost of a Complete Omnivore Meal Bag, meaning they each spend about $26 a week or $8.80 per meal. David raved on an on about all the new ways Lettuce has brought the people in his home together, and he offered us a great before-and-after comparison of how Lettuce directly and positively affects his life.

Before Lettuce…
“Normally we all ate separately or would have Favor or Uber Eats deliver dinner. Having a delivery service bring me dinner costs $20 for a meal and if we are both eating during a busy time it can quickly increase over $40, even $60! It’s either that or sit in the car for an hour to get to the grocery store because traffic is so terrible in my area, that doesn’t even include shopping time. By that point, especially on a work night, I’m way less likely to have the energy to cook anything that resembles a healthy meal. Lettuce provides an easy solution and has saved my wallet unnecessary damages.”

A whole new way of eating…
“Every time I get my Lettuce bag it blows my mind how much food I get! Plus I’ve never eaten so much kale in my life! I definitely wouldn’t eat this healthy on my own but Lettuce makes it easy! Now my girlfriend and I look forward to cooking together and being the chef, I get the chance to teach her my skill. It’s an unexpected bonding moment and we’ve had so much fun trying to make our food turn out even better than the picture. It’s been such a positive experience and we look forward to trying new veggies and recipes each week, plus the sauce and spice mixes are THE BOMB!”

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