A Chili Night

Chili! Who doesn’t love a steaming hot, hearty bowl of this historical Texas dish? It’s alleged birthplace is right down the road, a little place we now call San Antonio around the year 1723. The earliest written description of chili came from a man from Houston who called it a “hash” full of peppers and meat. In the 1880s it was sold from market stands by women called “chili queens” who would dish out bowls with bread and a glass of water for 10 cents. Fast forward to the 1900s when chili was a staple dish during the depression and there was hardly a town around that didn’t have a chili parlour. It has remained a steady part of southern cuisine ever since.

Chili is the base of many serious competitions called “cookoffs”. Some die hard chili enthusiasts will only eat it in the old style, but it has been reinvented many ways over the years. Today it is one of the best-selling canned foods in America, though we will never recommend that purchase. We will, however, give you the produce and recipe to make an amazing chili yourself right in your own home.


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