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Lettuce Farms March Updates

With the fresh breath of spring, we took a deep breath of relief at warmer temperatures, fast-growing vegetables (and weeds), and a greenhouse brimming with transplants! This spring has been a busy one on the farms as we restructured our growing spaces to include plots that are larger in size and fewer in number around Austin. One specific plot we are very proud of is the permaculturesuqe farm at our headquarters (3404 Oak Springs), which we welcome everyone to come check out! We have already pulled over 100 pounds combined of mustard greens, arugula, bok choy, and kale out of it from this spring’s planting, and we anticipate much more out of it in this upcoming year!

Our greenhouse is full of tomato starts that will be going in the ground soon. And our peppers and eggplant are starting to sprout. We have had several rounds of plantings this spring that were completely supplemented by our greenhouse, and we couldn’t be happier! Our compost piles are also heating back up, and we recently constructed a compost yard to keep our compost production up with the generous amounts of compost that get sent back by our amazing subscribers!

Our largest farm, Terabithia, has had a makeover recently, where we turned our previously 60-90 foot rows into longer rows of 120-160 feet long. We are looking forward to larger amounts of production from Terabithia this spring, as long as we can stay ahead of all the Johnson grass, aphids, and caterpillars! Overall, our farms are looking healthy and green, and our goals for this spring include a focus on our soil health and planting more varieties to support our subscription boxes! We look forward to updating you in a month about tomato planting, soil tests, and the different experiments we use to get rid of pests.

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