Healthy Soil

Like you, soil is alive and is at its healthiest when it’s full of vital nutrients, minerals, and water! At Lettuce, we are super passionate about fresh, delicious veggies, and we know that the freshest, most delicious, and nutritious veggies come from healthy soil!

How we contribute to healthy soil at lettuce is through testing our pH levels and nutrient availability through periodic soil tests (did you know that plants actually need more than 16 macro and micro nutrients to be healthy? Not just the “Big 3” of N-P-K….), composting (https://lettuce.fm/blogs/main/composting-doing-the-most-with-the-post), and mulching with natural ingredients (pesticide-free hay and grasses; pinewood chips and Texas hardwood chips; and dead leaves/yard trimmings.) Mulching is a multi-layered process that helps with moisture retention, insulates the soil from extreme weather, and eventually breaks down, becoming dark, rich soil to plant in!

Why is healthy soil important? By building healthy soil, not only are you supporting concentrated ecosystems of microorganisms and insects (which are vital for soil quality and breaking down contaminating elements), but you are supporting the ecosystem at large in both the natural landscape of native plants and land, as well as planted landscapes which includes the vegetables, fruit, grains, and meats we consume. Plants, in turn, prevent soil erosion, and become a system that regenerates the soil through plants dying and breaking down into rich soil. These are just a few ways to engage your mind about the importance of healthy soil in our environment, and we haven’t even mentioned its impact on our water systems and leaching (we’ll get to that in a different blog!)

We hope, with innovative and traditional methods, we can regenerate good soil on our farms and in our communities! We care, not only about feeding good veggies to people in Austin, but also getting good soil to the veggies, to feed them as well!

How YOU can help with that is by continuously contributing kitchen scraps to our composting program AND through a new program which is simply a collection of your yard trimmings (dead leaves and grasses without seed heads; NO wood or seeds.)

Email lisa@lettuce.fm with your address and date of when the yard trimmings will be on the curb, and we will collect within 24 hours (if you are within Austin City Limits.) We are so grateful for your continued support, not only for healthy veggies, but also healthy soil!

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