Eating Organic: Is it really good for me?

Here’s a fun challenge: type “Is organic good for me” into your favorite search engine and try to weed through the borage of information that pops up. You’ll find articles defending both sides, some that go to such lengths as to convince you that pesticides are NOT harmful and that doctors will agree that organic produce is not healthier than its conventionally grown counterparts.

Unfortunately, as consumers, it’s hard to know what is real science and what is Big Ag subterfuge. We are consistently thrown contradictory information so that the large corporations won’t lose our business. Money is their incentive and sustainability takes a backseat.

Here’s an important distinction to ponder:
Buying organic from a grocery store is NOT the same as buying organic and local. The distance your food travels has a huge impact on its quality and nutritional value. Also, a lot of small farms cannot afford an organic certification, but they use organic and sustainable processes. Be sure to ask questions and not get too hung up on the word “Organic.”

Here’s the truth in very simple terms… the fewer chemicals and hormones you ingest, the healthier your body and immune system will be. Organic farmers have the incentive to nurture the soil through sustainable practices (cover cropping, crop rotation, pest control through cultivation of micronutrients and micro-organisms, etc) and conventional farmers do not. Soil is the thin layer of Earth upon which all life resides. Oh boy, do we have a ton of stuff to say about soil. More on that later.

Are there flaws in federal organic regulations? Yes.
Is organic food more expensive than conventionally grown food in grocery stores? In many cases, yes.
Are all large-scale organic operations completely trustworthy? Unfortunately, no.
We are doing our best to help address these problems and more. It is a flawed system, a work in progress, and we can all do our part to make it better.

Check out these links for valuable information on the truth behind eating organic:



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