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We Grow Food in Your School

Lettuce turns school land into full production urban farms with a built in fundraising opportunity for your PTA.

Lettuce Farms are established at no cost to the school and are maintained year round, including school breaks and over summer. Lettuce school farms are a great addition to any school garden. Students of all ages have the chance to see the abundance local and sustainable farms can produce all school year long,  and get to return after summer break to a thriving, productive farm. Schools have the opportunity to join the local farm movement, and contribute to the local food economy, and support healthy and sustainable lives across Austin, all while raising funds for the PTA.

Our School Program Offers Two Options:

School Farms

Lettuce creates an engaging opportunity for students and staff to experience a full production farm located on school land. Multipul times a year students and teachers alike are invited into the farm for the Lettuce Farm Education day, where students can learn about sustainable agriculture and full production farms. These farms come at no cost to the school, teachers, or parents and are operated entirely by Lettuce’s urban farm team. The school farm comes equipped with a school subscription code that is used to raise funds for your school through Lettuce’s sustainable meal kit delivery.

Any school that offers a portion of their land gets: 
  • A subscription code for school fundraising (see subscription codes to the right)
  • Staff discounts for subscriptions at 25% off one month (4 deliveries)
  • Option to dedicate initial funds to a raised bed install for a teaching garden. For in depth educational opportunities and garden supplies we recommending working with our non-profit partners PEAS, Common Threads, or SFC.
  • Ask a Farmer day, if there is enough interest from students and staff our farmers will host a Q&A at your school.

  In order to install a Lettuce farm we need:

  • A minimum of 20,000 sq ft of land
    a minimum of 4,000 – 5,000 sq ft of land within a 1-2 mile radius of a collective of Lettuce Farms, totaling to 20,000 sq ft
  • Good soil
  • Access to water
  • Full sun
  • Final approval on selected location by the Schoolyard Improvement Board

School Code

Don’t have enough room for a school farm? That’s okay, you can still raise funds for your school. Any school can have a unique subscription code generated that is campus specific and enables fundraising to begin. A percentage of sales generated through the code goes directly back to the school. This is a wonderful fundraising opportunity for your school and can amount to thousands of dollars back to your school per month! Real farms, education, and healthy eating for all students!

A percentage of revenue generated from produce sales from within your school community is donated by Lettuce back to the school or PTA.

It is the school’s responsibility to promote Lettuce with the purpose of generating subscribers. 

Lettuce will supply your school with: 

  • Unique subscription code to track your school’s total funds raised
  • Digital copies of flyers with school specific subscription information to be sent home with staff and students 
  • A large banner to be placed outside the school
  • Option to dedicate initial funds to a raised bed install for a teaching garden. For in depth educational opportunities and garden supplies we recommending working with our non-profit partners PEAS, Common Threads, or SFC.

Schools With a Lettuce Farm or Fundraising Code

Lettuce is working on an agreement with Austin Independent School District that will enable any school within the district to get going with Lettuce quickly and easily. We are actively searching for and setting up several farms in schools across the the district. Reach out to us if your AISD school would like to partner with Lettuce. AISD and Beyond: If you are not an AISD school we would still love to partner with you.

Number of Students Reached by our School Program
Percentage of Students 8%

From School Farms to Your Table

All Lettuce farms are constantly in full production, and the produce grown is harvested and delivered to subscribers within the same neighborhood and/or city.

When a farm is established in a new school, we look to sign up subscribers to our healthy, fresh, and sustainable meal kits. This also enables students and the rest of the neighborhood to integrate what they experience growing at their school with what they eat at home, and when paired with a school code begins generating funds for the school.


No, Lettuce invests all farming infrastructure and implements at no cost to the school, teachers, or parents. 

No. Lettuce staff is responsible for the installation, set up, and maintenance of your school farm.

Lettuce’s team of experienced and knowledgeable urban farmers.

Lettuce will keep the farm growing and producing throughout the year. Lettuce farms are production farms, and produce is planted and harvested weekly. Of course there are times of the year that are leaner than others.

We prefer to establish our farms in native soil, amended with compost and natural fertilizer, which rejuvenates the existing micro-biology in the soil. In evaluating an area for a potential farm, we look for soil that is: 

  • Generally rock free
  • Loose or soft in texture
  • Dark in color 
  • Generally free of trees/shade
  • Relatively unused in the past few years.

There are always exceptions. Please contact us through the school inquiry form if you have specific questions regarding your plot of land and we will come do a site review. 

The sun us crucial for vegetable production. At least 6-8 hours of continuous and direct sunlight is required for most plants to produce full and plump foliage and fruits like squash, tomatoes, broccoli, and kale. 
Additionally, a Southern facing farm with Western afternoon shade is preferred, as mid-summer days are long and hot and plants typically need a break after a long day of sun. 

We require unhindered and secure access to a clean water source. Water should be located within 150 feet of the garden site, with a strong flow and PSI (60-100 PSI), and a sealed, sturdy hose bib, or spigot with no leaks. Rain barrels are also an acceptable water source in addition to a regular water connection, again barrels must be located within 150 feet of the garden plot, and the rain barrels must collectively hold over 250 gallons of water. Lettuce can work with facilities to update the existing outdoor fixtures required for a successful farm. 

A commitment from the Principal and the PTA/PTC is crucial. Approval from the schoolyard improvement board for your Lettuce farm is imperative. Willingness to work with Lettuce Urban Farmers to cross any hurdles for the successful initiation and to provide continued support. This is your fundraising opportunity. How much work you put in to spread the word will directly reflect in how much funding you raise. 

Lettuce School Urban Farms are year round, full production vegetable farms, however student participation varies depending on age and what programs your school participates.

Students cannot work out on the Lettuce farm. If there is interest from students and teachers, Lettuce can organize a Farm Education Day.

i.) If you have an Ag program, Ag students, supervised by their Ag teacher, will have occasional days to help the Lettuce farm team work on the Lettuce school farm. 
ii.) If you do not have an Ag program, middle school students will not be able to work on the Lettuce farm. If there is an interest from students and teachers Lettuce can organize an Farm Education Day.

High School:
Occasionally, with teacher supervision and instruction, students will be able to join our Lettuce farm team to work on your Lettuce school farm. 

a.) A Lettuce farm can be a wonderful contrast to a school operated garden. Our farms are full production farms that are operated and maintained, even over holidays and summer breaks, year round. Kids have the chance to see the abundance that local and sustainable farms can produce and get to return each year to a thriving farm.
b.) Schools have the opportunity to join the local and sustainable farm movement, be a contributor to the local food economy, and support healthy lives across Austin. 

School Inquiry Form

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