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How It Works

Explore Lettuce Main Plans in Austin

All plans include 3 meals/week, and serve 2 or 4 persons each. 

Select number of persons: 


More Goodness in Each Delivery

You can add a growing number of items to your regular deliveries, with the same level of convenience, affordability and sustainability.

Orchard Basket

A weekly delivery of fresh organic fruit from local orchards, delivered in zero-waste containers. Includes about 18-24 servings of fruit.
$18 per delivery

Local Eggs

A weekly delivery of local, farm fresh eggs, delivered in zero-waste containers. Organic, ethical, pasture-raised, laid by happy hens grazing on fresh grass.

Delightful Elixirs

Super healthy, incredibly delicious and easy to prepare drink kits and/or concentrates made from fresh, local fruit, vegetables and herbs.
Coming soon

Sunday Brunch

Freshen up your Sunday mornings with easy brunch kits that are easy to prepare, familiar, yet introduce you to new and seasonal ingredients.
Coming soon

Welcome to a New Relationship With the Food You Eat.

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You can switch between plans, and skip deliveries for any week(s) through your online Lettuce account or by emailing customer support. No minimums. 

You can cancel anytime, no questions asked. We will schedule to pick up the containers and other materials. There may be a $25 fee in case you do not return those items. 

In Austin and surrounding areas, we currently deliver on Mondays and Saturdays, with more days coming soon. At sign up, you’ll pick any of those days as your regular delivery day. You can change it anytime from your account. 

For any week (if you have too much food, or have run out), you can schedule a deliver for any other regularly available delivery day.

Note: We don’t deliver on US holidays, or if there is severe weather that is affecting harvesting, operations or delivery. 

You will receive an email 5 days before your regularly scheduled delivery day describing the recipes and ingredients coming up. It will also include a shopping list for pantry items such as oil, butter, salt, etc. you will need to prepare the meals, nutrition notes and other info. 

The cut off time for you to make changes or to skip your delivery is 9am 2 days before the delivery.

We will pick up previous week’s containers and other materials when making the delivery – you will need to put them outside your door.

You will receive additional notifications with everything you need to know at every step of the way. You can always write to us at help@lettuce.fm anytime with questions or changes you’d like to make. 

Our processes and materials used change with the seasons, weather patterns and other local factors. For instance, during the hot summers of Austin, we use extra, high quality insulation in our packaging that keep ingredients cold/frozen even when exposed to the hot sun. We may also suggest that you put out a cooler into which we can leave the deliveries. 

We source the freshest, most humanely raised, local and sustainable animal products – details of which will be included with each recipe.

'Local, fresh & delicious? Must not be affordable!'

Quite the opposite in fact. Lettuce saves you hundreds of dollars compared to buying food anywhere else. 

Recipes Cards: Intuitive & Educational

Each recipe and its card is carefully crafted by our experienced chefs based on seasons, ease of preparation, nutrition and taste. 

The kits include delicious sauces and spices we make from scratch.

Explore the various features of our recipe cards below: 

Recent recipes

Composting, Built In

Contribute, Effortlessly

Use our empty containers as compost bins for the rest of the week. All that rich organic material comes back to us when we pick up the Bag, gets composted in our facilities, and then goes into our Farms as fertilizer. A perfect cycle that results in less going into the landfill, nutrient-dense produce and low prices for you.  

Lettuce's Austin Area Sustainability Index

Compost it!

 This week we received 

of food scraps prevented from going into landfills every year per household!

Road less travelled

The ingredients in this weeks’ Lettuce delivery traveled an average of: 

before reaching a home in Central Austin.  

Compare this with a national average of 1500 miles!

Reuse it!

This weeks’ Lettuce delivery helped avoid 

of plastic waste from hitting the landfill. 

"Lettuce made cooking fun again for me. No grocery shopping, fantastic recipes and I am eating way healthier than before. I'm in love..."
Angela Pires
"Lettuce has taken the stress out of grocery shopping. They make it so easy to eat healthy. I've loved branching out from my normal cooking comfort zone..."
Skylar Moran
"We are eating more healthful and WAY more delicious meals than I would be making on my own. Their sauces and spice mixtures make you feel like a good cook..."
Spring Castillo

Grow Local

Grow food: For yourself, or your community, or let us grow on your land. Lettuce be more sustainable and self-reliant. 

Lettuce Grow Local Programs in Austin

Grow For Your Family

Get a . . .


Food Garden

Experience the joys of growing your own food - without the head scratching, chasing 'experts' at the local garden center and schlepping the wrong materials.

40 sq. ft. or more

Grow For Your City

Be an . . .

GrowShare 2 square

Urban Homesteader

Got some land with good dirt, sun and water access? Some time and interest / experience growing food too? Become a Lettuce GrowShare Urban Homesteader - participate in a movement, while earning money from your land.
Hands & Land
GrowShare 3 square

Urban Farmer

Got a greenthumb, or maybe two full green hands . . . but no land to grow on? Be a Lettuce GrowShare Urban Farmer - you’ll be matched with land in your neighborhood you can grow on, support to get started and a regular income.

Urban Farm Host

Got land with good dirt, sun and water access, but no time or ability to grow food on it? Become an Urban Farm Host - we’ll match you with an Urban Farmer - you’ll save maintenance costs, while earning some money as well.

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