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You are in the wrong place!

Lettuce's subscription management system has moved. Here's a Quick (re)start Guide:

  1. Visit the Lettuce online store front on our new technology platform:  

  2. When ready, go to Sign Up, then Forgot Password and enter your email address on file with Lettuce. 

  3. Check your email (including spam filters), click on the link, and set your new password (might take a few seconds for the system to accept it). 

  4. Select the Meal-kit Plan you’d like to subscribe to, click Subscribe and follow the rest of the steps, including entering/correcting your address, picking your delivery day based on your zip code, and entering a new credit card. 

  5. As you’ll notice, you can now also order Meal-kits A la Carte - separately or with a Plan delivery. Those orders require you to add them to cart and then check out. 

Lettuce Restart: Sept. 22

We are coming back, starting Sept. 22! Please look out for an email with instructions on how to log into the new subscription and order management site. 

If you are here and reading this – you shouldn’t be – any changes you make here will not matter – this is the old system that will be scrapped soon! 

Thank you for your patience! 

May 22: Pausing to Retool

IMPORTANT: May 11/13 were the last Lettuce deliveries, for some time 

Lettuce is pausing its operations and deliveries for some time this summer in order for us to retool and rebuild our operations, processes and technologies, while also fine tuning our products, services, marketing, and business model. 

We thank you, our customers, for all the support you have given by welcoming Lettuce deliveries into your home, we thank our Farmers and Creators for bringing their amazing products to us, and we thank our team for the relentless work they have done to make sure it all comes together, every time. 

If you want to help us get up and running again soon, please consider investing in our vision. If you have any questions unanswered on that campaign page, or have the ability to make a more significant investment, please email our CEO Yogesh Sharma at or call / text him at 512.826.6556 as soon as possible.

The fight for local, sustainable, nutritious food is a big one, with serious mainstream competitors. But it needs to be fought – and collective, community action backing sound, scalable business models is what it will take – and we believe we can build one.

We also welcome your ideas and any in-kind professional support you can provide – please reply to this email, or write to us at

What to do with the bags and containers

You are welcome to keep the bags and containers for your use, till we resume service. Honestly, we would actually prefer that – it would save us cost and hassle (and gas!) to pick them up and store them during this period. We will not hold you responsible for wear and tear during this time ;). If you would prefer to return them, please email us at, and we will try and include a pick up on our route next weekend.


Yogesh Sharma, CEO, Lettuce Networks, and the rest of the Lettuce team

207 investors from 30 states - and counting . .

Hey Lettucers – great news – we are following up on successfully reaching our goal of $107k on our online public offering by extending the goal to $1.07M! This gives everyone, including you, the opportunity to participate in Lettuce’s exciting future – both as a business, and as the community of local growers, creators and consumers it is spawning. 

Same link: – check it out and consider investing! 

And a big thank you to all Lettucers who have invested so far and helped us reach this goal! Onward! 

Refer Friends!

You’ll receive credits towards your next delivery when they sign up, and they’ll get a discounted first delivery!

Our growing network of farms and suppliers in Austin
Refer Friends!

You’ll receive credits towards your next delivery when they sign up, and they’ll get a discounted first delivery!

Compost it!

 This week we received 

461 lbs

of food scraps from customers who compost!

That translates to 28,154.9 lbs of compost prevented from going into the landfill each year.

Great job y’all! 

Reuse it!

Lettucers helped avoid about


pieces of plastic & glass waste from hitting the landfill, per delivery! 

Bravo for doing your part! 

Road Less Travelled

The ingredients in this weeks’ Lettuce delivery traveled an average of: 

20 miles

before reaching a home in Central Austin.  

Compare this with a national average of 1500 miles!

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