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Lettuce Confidential

Invest in a Sustainable Future!

New year, new horizons: Lettuce is kicking off 2019 with an Online Public Offering. Now anyone who believes in Lettuce’s mission can own a piece of it!

This is an important step in our journey towards creating healthier individuals, stronger communities and a sustainable planet. Big ideas almost always need capital to become a reality – Lettuce is no different. We have always been energized by how committed you, our customers, are to participating in this journey. Hence we decided to raise the money we need to grow, from you – the people we serve. We hope you’ll go deeper in your commitment by owning a piece of the company that’s driven to making a sustainable lifestyle more convenient, affordable and mainstream.

What’s an Online Public Offering?

Since, this is a relatively new concept, here’s a quick explanation: An Online Public Offering is a way for anyone to invest in small, mission-driven companies, like Lettuce. Prior to Obama’s JOBS Act, only accredited, high net worth individuals and venture capitalist firms were allowed to invest in private companies legally. And for companies to sell shares to the public, they had to go public on a stock exchange. Now, through OPOs, small companies, after passing rigorous compliance processes can raise money from the public, through platforms like StartEngine.

FYI: We expect this campaign to be over-subscribed – so we recommend getting in early – we don’t want our customers to miss out. After we pass $107k the valuation of the company will likely go up.

Thank you in advance for your participation! Let us know if you have any questions by writing to our CEO, Yogesh Sharma, directly at

Breakfast Bread is Here!

We’ve been rolling out our Breakfast Bread Add-On and we’d love for you to try it!

Each week Hannah Casparian, a local artisan, is baking a loaf of seasonal ingredients that can be delivered to your door. Recently examples include banana bread, a pecan loaf, and local zucchini bread. She loves re-using extra produce we have when baking – reducing waste and making something delicious!

You can find this option in any available delivery day, and turn it on as a default from the plans page. 

Calling All Green Thumbs!

Did you know that the Lettuce Growshare program allows land-owners, urban farmers, and homesteaders all over the city to earn income by growing food for Lettuce deliveries. We’re building the foundation for a mainstream, scaleable, hyper-local food economy.

You can help us grow the food that comes in your delivery by becoming an Urban Farmer, Urban Homesteader or an Urban Farm Host with Lettuce.

In particular, we’re looking for Urban Farmers who will be matched with land in their neighborhood, given support and guidance while growing, and be able to earn some extra income. Please share GrowShare with any green thumbs you may know!

Refer Friends!

You’ll receive credits towards your next delivery when they sign up, and they’ll get a discounted first delivery!

Our growing network of farms and suppliers in Austin
If there was anything Lettuce could do better, or more, what would it be?
Refer Friends!

You’ll receive credits towards your next delivery when they sign up, and they’ll get a discounted first delivery!

Compost it!

 This week we received 

478.9 lbs

of food scraps from customers who compost!

That translates to 23,518 lbs of compost prevented from going into the landfill each year.

Great job y’all! 

Reuse it!

Lettucers helped avoid about


pieces of plastic & glass waste from hitting the landfill, per delivery! 

Bravo for doing your part! 

Road Less Travelled

The ingredients in this weeks’ Lettuce delivery traveled an average of: 

20 miles

before reaching a home in Central Austin.  

Compare this with a national average of 1500 miles!

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