We grow food in your neighborhood and deliver it to your door

Local, organically grown, nutritious and sustainable food for all. 

Add nutrition, taste and convenience to your life, while giving a break to your carbon footprint, grocery trips and your wallet.

Be an Urban Farmer

Experience the joy and benefits of growing food. We'll set it all up. And our Urban Farming Kit will make it an easy, delightful, educational experience.

Lettuce start growin'

Be a Locavore

We grow food in your 'hood and deliver it to your door. Local, fresh, pre-portioned to amazing recipes, and delivered in near-zero waste packaging.

Lettuce get cookin'

Be an Anchor

Schools, churches, businesses, backyards: Lettuce grows food on unused urban land, while engaging and educating the neighborhood.

Lettuce rejuvenate

The food system today

Meanwhile . . . there are plenty of natural resources in urban areas to provide healthy, sustainable and affordable food for all.

Turning neighborhoods into Foodhoods

This is a simulation

The Lettuce Austin Network

We are currently growing and delivering in the greater Austin, Texas metropolitan area, including Roundrock, Pflugerville and Cedar Park. Here's a live map of our Austin farm network: 

Lettuce Be Locavores

Produce mostly grown in your 'hood.
Meat, fish and other ingredients sourced from local ranches, farms and artisans.
Recipes crafted by accomplished local chefs.
A process that's sustainable, educational and participatory. 

All at a cost that is lower than the grocery store.

Conscious, sustainable convenience

Pick a Locavore Plan that works for you:

Produce, Sauces & Spices

Amazing original recipes and pre-portioned produce, spice mixes & dressings. 

3 meals, 4 servings each

Price per serving: 

You buy your own protein, grains & cheeses. 


Complete Meals: Omnivore

Produce, Spices & Sauces plus premium, locally sourced meat, fish, cheeses, lentils, breads and more.

3 meals, 4 servings each

Price per serving: 

Everything you need to make incredible well-balanced meals.


Complete Meals: Vegetarian

Produce, Spices & Sauces plus top quality, artisanal vegetarian proteins, pastas, beans, nuts and more.

3 meals, 4 servings each

Price per serving: 

Skip the trip to the store for authentic, nutritious vegetarian meals.


'Local, fresh & delicious? Must not be affordable!'

Convenience & quality

Flexible Plans:

You can switch between plans, and skip deliveries for any week(s) through your online Lettuce account. No minimums.

Delivery days: 

We currently deliver on Saturdays and Mondays. Coming soon: Deliveries all days of the week! 

No delivery fee:

We deliver right to your door, at no cost. 


Subscribers receive an email every Monday describing the recipes and ingredients included in the deliveries for the next week. It will also include a shopping list for pantry items such as oil, butter, salt, etc. you will need to cook the meals. 

You will receive additional notifications with everything you need to know at every step of the way. You can always write to us at help@lettuce.fm anytime with questions or changes you'd like to make. 

High standards:

We source the freshest, most humanely raised, local and sustainable animal products - details of which will be included with each recipe.

Recipes: Delicious, yet easy

Each recipe and its card is carefully crafted by our experienced chefs based on seasons, ease of preparation, nutrition and taste. 

The kits include delicious sauces and spices we make from scratch.

For those nights...

Time crunched evenings should not mean sacrificing freshness, nutrition and taste.

For main recipes that may be a tad complex, we include 'quick 'n easy' alternatives - the same awesome ingredients and bold flavors - ready in 15-20 minutes or less.   

Here are a couple of examples: 

Composting, built-in

Contribute, effortlessly

Use our empty containers as compost bins for the rest of the week. All that rich organic material comes back to us when we pick up the Bag, gets composted in our facilities, and then goes into our Farms as fertilizer. A perfect cycle that results in less going into the landfill, nutrient-dense produce and low prices for you. 

What Lettuce Locavores are saying

"Lettuce made cooking fun again for me. No grocery shopping, fantastic recipes and I am eating way healthier than before. I'm in love..."

– Angela Pires

"Lettuce has taken the stress out of grocery shopping. They make it so easy to eat healthy. I've loved branching out from my normal cooking comfort zone..."

– Skylar Moran

We are eating more healthful and WAY more delicious meals than I would be making on my own. Their sauces and spice mixtures make you feel like a good cook...

– Spring Castillo

I totally love not having to think about what we'll make for dinner. Just grab a recipe - all the ingredients are in the matching container, then have fun learning about new ways to eat healthy.

– Susanne Harm

Lettuce grow food, not just grass

Experience the joys of growing your own food - without the head scratching, chasing 'experts' at the local garden center and schlepping the wrong materials. 

The Lettuce Urban Farm

Beautiful, educational, edible 

Raves about Lettuce Urban Farms

We love that our kids can see food growing and have the opportunity to pick and eat what we want.

– Mellisa Miller

Grow your salad and veggies in your own yard. Don't know how? Lettuce will help as much or as little as needed. It's a win/win!

– Karen Roberts

Lettuce Urban Farms: There's one for every yard

Starter Urban Farm

40 sq. ft. 

Sign up

Standard Urban Farm

80 sq. ft. 

Sign up

Producer Urban Farm

120 sq. ft. 

Sign up

Lettuce make you an Urban Farmer

Whether we install a farm in your yard, or you have one already ... It takes time, money, labor and expertise to keep it alive and producing. The Lettuce Urban Farmer Kit to the rescue. 

More than a Kit, it's an experience for the whole family

Everything you need

The monthly delivery includes seasonal organic non-GMO seeds or starts, organic fertilizer, natural soil amendments, the necessary hardware and more. 

Step by step

Printed step by step instructions and information, accompanied by additional online content make gardening a fun, educational and productive experience. 


Each Kit is customized to your location, type/size of garden and current weather conditions. Free phone support in case you have questions or need help. 


Get straight to it, without the drudgery - and in just a few months you'll feel like you can talk to the plants and the bugs. 

The Lettuce Urban Farming Kit is currently in beta testing mode. If you'd like to join the beta, please write to us at help@lettuce.fm. Please include a description, location and size of your yard or garden. 

Lettuce Grow, Share and Earn

Have an urban farm/food garden (installed by Lettuce or not) or fruit trees producing more than you can use? Or chickens that lay more eggs than you can eat?

We can include it into the Lettuce network: Harvest what you can't eat, we'll pick it up and deliver it to homes in your neighborhood who want it, and compensate you for it.

This program is in pilot stage. If you'd like to be a part of it, reach out to us: 

Anchor Farms

Got more land that you know what to do with, like >1,000 sq. ft. or so? Part of a school, church or business that could benefit from a vegetable garden? Good dirt, full sun and access to water too? We may be able to put an active, lush Lettuce Anchor Farm on it, at our cost - while putting a bit of money in your pocket too. 

Lettuce for Schools

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